Equihax (Equifax) doesn’t know Its Own Asshole

As if the data breach wasn’t enough to guard from, simple fact checking seems to be lost on Equifax employees. According to Gizmodo, for 2 months Equifax was directing consumers to a fake website. There’s deleted tweets to prove it!

One of the URLs for these directs us to a 404 page on Twitter, however a little back story:

[…] developer Nick Sweeting created a fake website of his own: securityequifax2017.com. (He simply switched the words “security” and “equifax” around.) As if to demonstrate Sweeting’s point, Equifax appears to have been itself duped by the fake URL. The company has directed users to Sweeting’s fake site sporadically over the past two weeks.

It has not been an easy run for Equihax in the last few months, but hopefully the company will reevaluate their positions in security, and human error. Click here to catch-up on this news.


“It. is. De-scus-ting!” – Veteran and Service Dog Disrespected in Restaurant

Society will always be a little backwards, and this is no exception. A service dog, alongside their human-to-guide was disrespected at a restaurant for the reason of it being “disgusting.” Service animals are defined as a companion or helper that assists a human on a daily basis. They’re all different, highly trained, and well-mannered animals.

The aggressor shouts the dog should not be in the restaurant, and that it’s disgusting. There’s not too much more to say about this dog which triggered her episode, but the service dog remains relaxed about the situation. Remember, highly-trained.

I feel it’s safe to point out the guy with her appears to be uncomfortable, and most likely is not happy with this. The veteran, and man appear to exchange the “it’s okay” pats, and nods.


YouTube on the X1, now with Voice

After waking up, and checking my daily mails I noticed this information: Voice control now available on X1’s YouTube app. Before, you could use the X1 Voice control for quite a few things, but one of the most naturally desired was simply not possible – controlling YouTube with efficiency, and laziness.

This is all useful for you only if you have X1, and its hefty associated bill. Prices for Internet, and TV combinations usually average $50+tax per month. Some people may stick with Netflix, Hulu, or even YouTube TV, but if cable TV is one of your things, this feature addition should make life easier.

iOS 11: Apple says the WiFi stays on!

Apple’s strict ecosystem is not surprising anymore. Their developer restrictions have grown tighter, and prices are climbing. I’ve only just stopped using my iPhone 5S, upgraded to the Samsung S6, and have since been happy of this change. Keep in mind, I had to throw away some perfectly capable iOS apps for Android replacements, but overall a few bucks to lose isn’t bad when you’re talking freedom. It does hurt the wallet.

iOS under the surface is a wreck. iOS on the surface is amazingly simple, fluent, swift, but now the fluency is dropping a tad.

WiFi/Bluetooth stays on even if you shut it off

Not cool, Apple, not cool. If you use the pull up/down menus as much as I do, then you’ll know how important it is to have easy access buttons. Switch the WiFi on/off, NFC, sound, etc. In iOS 11, these features have been reduced to a “standby” mode.

If you use the pull up menu and not the Control Center, WiFi/Bluetooth will disconnect, but it will not shut off. Meaning, all communications will still be accessible. This “feature” also turns the communications back on at 5 AM.

That’s a few footsteps backwards for everyone, and hopefully Apple fixes this UI/function mess.

Full story at Vice.

Netflix Originals: I’ve misunderstood you (The Confession Tapes)

DVDs to 4k streaming, Netflix has made leaps, and bounds to bring you content for a-now starting price of $8 month.

One thing I couldn’t wrap my mind around yet is Netflix having their own originals. Since watching their take on Death Note, and something else I can’t think of right now, I decided to give¬†The Confession Tapes a go.


This interesting show you could file under “investigations TV,” easily caught my attention. If I’m watching any investigation shows, it’s usually somewhere on the ID channel or Escape, but now it’s Netflix.

Honest editing

The laid back, uncensored series seems to focus on cases where the confessions were falsely given – Coerced. Yet, the jury would convict (sorry, spoiler). It still doesn’t take away from the suspense. In fact, the show has a way with their approach in editing. Most of this is recorded and edited before publicly viewing, which leads us to having no true way of knowing what are first responses. For example a law enforcement member went on to say, “we reported in the media,” but stopped to correct himself. Waiting a few seconds with a clear face, and then rephrasing with the correct wording, “it was reported in the media.”

Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but how many times have you wondered interviewees’ first responses? Were they honest ones? Did the journalist give them a second chance to correct their words?

The Confession Tapes: https://www.netflix.com/title/80161702

“Nazi” or Neo-Nazi gets KO’d

Tensions are always high among the whites, blacks, oranges, and reds. While violence usually isn’t the answer, in this quick and effortless knockout it’s proven it can provide resulting silence.

I wonder their conversation.

Gift from Corona: The Corona Extra ice Bucket – Update: Its found a new home

This is not a sponsorship or direct gift to iSnick. Only to me! I signed up awhile back through a giveaway site, known to me through a friend, and behold a bucket appeared weeks later!

Thank you! Pictures to come when it’s in use!


The Corona Extra bucket has found a new home of a recent birthday celebrator.

Equifax Data Breach – It’s not okay!

Source: Washington Post

Kinda old news

Thankfully, governments have launched investigations into Equifax’s data breach. According to the reports, 143 million consumers may have been affected.

Sounds like an intro to a scary political movie, but no, it’s our credit agencies giving us a dose of our their finest security. Regardless of this being due to lack of security measures, vulnerable or out-of-date software, 143 million is a large amount.


However, lack of password strength was allegedly the fault of an attack in Argentina. “admin/admin” is what got them in.


Let’s this be a sign – always use strong passwords!