“It. is. De-scus-ting!” – Veteran and Service Dog Disrespected in Restaurant

Society will always be a little backwards, and this is no exception. A service dog, alongside their human-to-guide was disrespected at a restaurant for the reason of it being “disgusting.” Service animals are defined as a companion or helper that assists a human on a daily basis. They’re all different, highly trained, and well-mannered animals.

The aggressor shouts the dog should not be in the restaurant, and that it’s disgusting. There’s not too much more to say about this dog which triggered her episode, but the service dog remains relaxed about the situation. Remember, highly trained.

I feel it’s safe to point out the guy with her appears to be uncomfortable, and most likely is not happy with this. The veteran, and man appear to exchange the “it’s okay” pats, and nods.


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